A classic reborn: Janiszewski's symbol of Solidarity with France

Jerzy Janiszewski has a special relationship with Paris: it was the city which offered him refuge, and where he lived for 13 years, after he was forced into exile by Poland's communist government in 1982. His immediate response to the ISIS attack was to re-configure his now-universal symbol of resistance to repression. Adding the French tri-color, it now symbolizes his solidarity, and ours, with France as it battles to defend freedom, equality and a civilized world for all of us.

Symbols matter. And there is no better example of their power than Janiszewski's Solidarity logo. We have added collages from the artist's years in Paris to our current presentation of his most recent work, extending KONTINUUM through December 20th. We invite you to see it.


The Art of Social and Political Change


“By showing the work of artists who have sought to influence, or who have been influenced by, the great social and political upheavals of the late 20th and early 21st centuries, I hope to influence the way their art is viewed, understood and valued by museum curators, art historians, art critics and collectors throughout the world." ----Charles Krause

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