LINES DRAWN: America's Artists Look Beyond the Politics of Red and Blue," presents the art of 19 artists who responded to an "open call" for art motivated by the artists' concerns that important national issues are being ignored or inadequately addressed by our Federal government due to the poisonous political atmosphere in Washington. The issues cited by the artists' work include NSA domestic spying, campaign finance laws, the homeless, climate change, abortion rights and the President's use (or abuse) of his executive powers.

LINES DRAWN has received unanimous praise from art critics, both for the quality of the art presented and because contemporary American political art is rarely exhibited in U.S. museums or private art galleries (thru November 30) REVIEWS: Washington Post: Nov 16, 2014 Galleries column / Art and Circuses blog:

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About the Art of Social and Political Change

THE ART OF SOCIAL AMD POLITICAL CHANGE is fine art that has influenced, or sought to influence, the great social and political upheavals of the 20th and 21st Centuries. IIt is art that challenges us to think about the world as it is...and imagine the world as it could be. Its beauty lies in its intentions...its value in its impact.

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